January 1966

Military presence at Clifton House

1966 – 1990s – The Society continued to face many issues as the 20th Century drew to a close. With the outbreak of the widespread civil unrest in the late 1960s, there was once again a military presence in the grounds of Clifton House. The construction of the Westlink dual carriageway required land to be vested […]

February 1965

Extensive renovation

1965 – Following the report, the Committee swiftly decided on extensive renovation, estimated to cost £20,000. Work began in 1965 and by 1970 at least half of the rooms in the basement had been renovated and were in use. Costs increased due to dry rot, but this was not the only problem the society faced […]

April 1964

Independent survey carried out

1964 – In 1964 the Board invited Dr George Adams, Consultant Geriatrician at the Belfast City Hospital (the former workhouse hospital), to conduct an independent survey. One of his conclusions from the report said that between 15-10 years ago, Clifton House was well ahead of most other institutions for the care of old people and […]